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In 1913 a group of about 35 people from the Everson area decided to start a fire department to provide fire protection. To raise funds, each member paid $1.00 to join the new department and serve the community. For about 60 years the fire department was part of City Hall and volunteers responded to calls in the community when they heard the loud siren on top of the hose tower. 

In 1941 Washington State created a law that allowed communities to form fire protection districts with taxing authority. Later that year members of the community took advantage of the new law and formed the first fire protection district in Whatcom County. The district was 74 square miles when it incorporated and it grew to 75 square miles when it took in the community of Deming years later. The district started with two stations, one in Everson and one in Nugent's Corner. 

In 1978 the City of Everson and the Fire Department had out grown the facilities at City Hall so a new fire station was built at the current location in downtown Everson. This station houses the district administration even though it does not have any office space. This station, known as Station 81, responds to about 70% of the District's total call volume.

In 2003 a new station was built in Nugent's Corner to replace a station that was too small. This station serves the south east area of the district including Deming and the Nooksack Casino. This station, known as Station 82, responds to about 30% of the District's total call volume.

Today, Fire District #1 provides fire protection, basic life support emergency medical services (EMS), and water rescue to an area approximately 75 square miles within the District's boundaries. The District provides service to the Cities of Everson, Nooksack, Deming and the Nooksack Indian Tribe. Three elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school are served by the District. The District also has several areas of critical infrastructure that impact the nation. The William's pipeline runs through the district from Canada and distributes natural gas to the western United States. The Trans-Mountain pipeline distributes crude oil from Canada to the petroleum refineries in the area.

In 2007 the District hired a full time Chief and in 2013 the first career firefighter was hired to assist the 30-35 volunteers. A century after its inception, the District still relies on volunteers that are as dedicated as those charter members who had to pay in order to volunteer their time.

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